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Trade assets with the world, make money with us. Experience fast trades and reliable staff that provide 24 hour support

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Utilize automated withdrawals to Bank accounts and instant crypto withdrawals. Time is money - you are here, never go back.

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Capacity: One million transactions per second.

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Crypto liquidity at your finger tips. Buy and sell at your own rates - The market belongs to you. It's time to take advantage.

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Asset, Price, Quantity, Time and Margin should be decided by you. Our system is very fluid - you will never miss important opportunities. Trade 24/7 - buy low, sell high and gain your freedom with us.

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We have staff with over 15 Years of experience in Digital currency industry. We will deliver the international standard of cryptocurrency Exchange and give you peace of mind.

Asset Security Is Paramount

We keep your funds in the most Secure wallets. We use the most Secure Procedures to keep and move funds; we have Ice Cold storage.


How do I keep my Buschcoin account secure?

Buschcoin actively strives to ensure the security, integrity and privacy of personal information submitted to us, including regular review and compliance of our security measures in line with current technology.Read More...

What is bitcoin confirmation

When a bitcoin transaction is made, it goes into pool of “unconfirmed” transaction until a new block is created. Once the block is created and the transaction is added to the blockchain through mining process. Read More...

How do I increase my verification level?

How do I increase my Verification Level to LEVEL 2? If you wish to increase the Level 1 Verification limit imposed on withdrawals and transfers, Read More...

How do I reset my password?

There are two options if you wish to reset the Password on your account. Below is a step by step guide. For your account safety we confirm that Tradefa...Read More...

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